For over 19 years, Nutone-Densi has served the needs of the office market by supplying high-quality imaging supplies and parts for business copiers, printers, MFPs and other imaging equipment.


Recently, the once-named Densi company was acquired by Canada’s east coast printing supply industry leader: Nu-Tone.  




Since 2000, Nutone-Densi has been a wholesale manufacturer of a full range of consumable imaging supplies for large copier/high volume printers including Ink & Toner, Cartridges, Remanufacturing Supplies, Parts & Peripherals, Specialty Items, and Green Solutions.

Nutone-Densi’s commitment to quality that permeates every aspect of our business has earned us a reputation for exceptionally high-quality products with almost 5,000 of the most advanced and environmentally responsible imaging supply products.  

Nutone-Densi sells to over 2000 active added value resellers across the globe and enjoys strong brand recognition associated with high-quality products. In addition to always delivering the best products on the market, the responsiveness of the Nutone-Densi team makes the buying process simple and fast for their customers.


Building on our 19-year history as a leading provider of a full range of high-quality consumable imaging supplies, including toner, cartridges, ink and parts for large copier, high volume network printers and MFPs, Nutone-Densi's organizational structure is designed to streamline operations and simplify interaction with our global base of reseller customers.

With a customer base that falls within three distinct categories, our organizational structure capitalizes on Nutone-Densi's long time history and offers a more customer-focused approach by enabling us to adapt quickly and to focus on the needs of each of the individual groups.



Our value to our customers is enhanced through our partnerships and our involvement in the Imaging community. We participate so we can make a difference for the people and the environment.





We know you have choices when it comes to imaging product, but we also know that buying from a single source is faster and easier than buying from multiple sources so Nutone-Densi's goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything imaging. We have the best selection of quality products, the fastest and easiest ordering and delivery, and the nicest customer support you'll ever encounter.

From Parts to Printers—High-quality ink and toner; OEM, remanufactured original, and 100% compatible cartridges, remanufacturing supplies; and parts and peripherals—we have it all:




Hard-to-Find : We pride ourselves on having or getting the products you need, so when you're looking for that "hard to find" something, we'll take on the challenge of finding it. We also have a full range of specialty products that are innovative, unique, and value added.

Trending : We're always watching what's happening and evaluating market changes to look for opportunities. Whether its color or high-yield technology, we keep buying and testing, and when we know we can deliver a quality product at the best possible price, you'll see it in our catalog.

Green Solutions : From bio toners, recycling and remanufacturing, to capture and return programs for end-of-life processing,Nutone-Densi is committed to being a good citizen of the earth.

Finding and Buying : Having the best selection isn't enough, we also make it easy and fast for you to find, buy and receive our products. Nutone-Densi boasts the industry's most functionally complete and easy to use online store available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – totally searchable and updated in real time with actual inventory levels. One click ordering can also translate into one click drop shipment delivery right to your customers. Now that's convenience. And, if we don't have what you need, just request it and we'll get right on it.



Quality is a big word and it’s not one taken lightly at Nutone-Densi. Ask around the industry and people will tell you that Nutone-Densi is known as a high-quality company with high-quality products. Getting to that point and staying there is the result of ongoing and significant investment and there are many parts to our quality story: 





Innovation comes in many forms and it’s something that Nutone-Densi takes seriously – because innovation can translate directly into increased profits for our customers.





Our great prices plus low return rates and high yields allow you to make money on each and every order - right away and all the time. And you can pay in the way that works for you - on an account, on-line, by credit card. Your choice.

Getting great value from your imaging supplies means more than finding the lowest price. Value is delivered when you realize a profit, and the equation for profit is affected by many things including:

The Price You Pay : Pricing is something we admit to obsessing over and for the quality we deliver you won't find any better. We strive for that perfect balance – great quality at the best possible price but we don't do "cheap".

Choices : We believe you should be able to match your customer’s needs to the best product/price combination so for cartridges we offer OEM, Remanufactured, and 100% Compatible.

One-Stop Shopping : Buying from a single source is faster and easier than buying from multiple sources, and we all know that time is money! Nutone-Densi’s goal is to be your one-stop shop for everything imaging, with the most selection and the most flexibility in ordering and payments, from an account, online, or credit card - the choice is yours.

The Yield You Get : We know that the hidden costs of imaging products come in the form of the time you spend replacing consumables or fixing broken parts, so we always look for products that last. Whether it’s an extended use cartridge or a quality fuser roller that won’t wear out even after years of wear, your cost goes down when you don’t have to be involved post sale.

The Time You Spend On Administration : Every minute you spend that isn’t focused on growing your business is a direct hit to your profitability. Our goal is to minimize the time you spend with us on regular transactions by automating everything that can be automated – online ordering, drop shipments and one-click custom catalogs are just a few examples of how we can save you precious time.

Your Customer’s Happiness : We all know that repeat customers are the backbone of any business, so when you partner with Nutone-Densi and deliver well priced, long lasting, quality products over and over again, your customers will keep buying from you – and that is the holy grail of value.



We know your time is valuable, so we do everything we can to make your interactions with us simple, fast and rewarding. Here are a few of the initiatives you might enjoy:

On-Line Store : Nutone-Densi has an extensive fully-featured online Nutone-Densi “store” that is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It allows you to search Nutone-Densi’s entire inventory of products, see pricing and availability in real-time and then place orders. This direct, on-line purchasing shortens the order processing and delivery time with one click shopping/picking/packing and shipping. And in the event that there is a problem with the product, an on-line return merchandise system streamlines the painless process directly back to Nutone-Densi.

Everything Is At Your Fingertips : The Nutone-Densi online store is much more than a store – it’s the place that also holds all your history so it becomes your filing cabinet and your catalog production house. Use your account to see everything you’ve ever bought from Nutone-Densi, to download invoices for accounting, to process a return, and to produce customized product catalogs for your customers.

Direct to End Customer Drop Shipping : Direct to end user drop shipments allows you to effectively outsource your entire inventory and shipping department to Nutone-Densi. Instead of a two-step process of shipping from Nutone-Densi to our customer and then from our customer to the end user of the products, customers can direct us to ship for them directly to the end user, and all the shipping documents will indicate that the providers of the product are our customer. This means faster, less expensive handling and shipping of products.

A Personal Touch : While using our web store is fast and easy, sometimes you might want to talk to a live person, and when you do we are there. Whether it’s our sales desk or technical support group or the CEO, everyone at Nutone-Densi is available and willing to talk to customers, and we’re all empowered to address your concerns and make your experience with Nutone-Densi a positive one.



Our commitment to our customers starts at the very top and permeates the organization. From the people answering the phones to the shippers in the back, everyone at Nutone-Densi is focused on customer satisfaction, and everyone is empowered to make the decisions required to keep you happy and make your experience a good one.

Here are just some of the things we do on a regular basis to delight our customers:

On-line Shopping : Our online catalogue is much more than a catalogue, it’s an online store that is has up to the minute inventory levels, pricing and easy ordering. You’ll shortens your order processing and delivery time with one click shopping/picking/packing and shipping. The store also has a record of all your past purchases and it’s open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Customized Catalogues : Want to show your customer everything we sell? Creating a customized catalogue takes seconds, and when you save it to a PDF file, it’s organized, attractively laid out and ready for you to send to your customers.

Sourcing hard to find products : We pride ourselves on having the products you need, and when you are looking for that “hard to find” something, we’ll take on the challenge of finding it for you.

Honesty : We believe that our customers are our partners and we treat them with the honesty and respect that a partnership entails. We won’t hide things from you – we’ll share the good news about new products at great prices but we’ll also tell you when a product fails our quality assurance process and won’t be stocked by us till its fixed.

A can do attitude : Every plan or proposed action at Nutone-Densi starts with “How will this help our customers?” and every employee at Nutone-Densi is empowered to make decisions to make you happy. You won’t find platitudes at Nutone-Densi but you will find practical solutions and action – from everyone you engage with.

Accessibility : We are available to you – and by that we mean everyone at Nutone-Densi. If you want to talk to the head of our Quality team, just ask. If you want to talk to the CEO, just ask. Our relationships with our customers are long term and extensive and everyone is available to ensure you remain a happy Nutone-Densi customer for years and years to come.Our commitment to our customers starts at the very top and permeates the organization. From the people answering the phones to the shippers in the back, everyone at Nutone-Densi is focused on customer satisfaction, and everyone is empowered to make the decisions required to keep you happy and make your experience a good one.

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