Nu-tone&Co emerges as a leading distributor for alternative, compatible imaging and printing products designed for resellers throughout North America. The result is a savvy, smart fusion between two seasoned brands, with a new banner that promises the precision, execution and expertise required to eliminate the pressing need to source original brands. We confidently stake our claim, with the market and product know-how to prove it.

Our complete range of compatible, alternative solutions offers undeniable value, curated products, and commitment to high performance.  In order to fulfill our objective of supporting and propelling the industry's resellers, emerging needs are constantly identified and addressed based on market trends. With this in mind, the arrival of our new collection of alternative ergonomic products will broaden our selection and help us widen the range of services designed to drive your business


To ensure success and growth for resellers by challenging the "status quo" of a market controlled by original brands, and offering the largest possible selection of alternative solutions, at fair prices, without ever compromising on quality.

Nu-tone&Co becomes the standard-bearer for those who want quality at reasonable prices.  A group of focused individuals, with a strong brand and a clear vision and mission: 

To be the leader and the Canadian reference for office product resellers who want growth and profitability through alternative, compatible solutions that are easily accessible and available from coast to coast, without paying the big ticket prices established by original brands  

We prioritize understanding your needs, to respond and deliver the essentials:

  • Scouting and supplying products that offer excellent value for your money
  • Offer products that are respectful of the environment
  • Ensure our products are easy to order and available promptly
  • Provide higher profit margins than other suppliers
  • Guide and support our resellers with relevant promotional material to successfully sell our products. 

Fuelled by challenges? Ingenuity i in our DNA!

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we focus on 4 areas:

Locate and provide products that aren’t easily accessible. Specialised, innovative or unique, identify a need and we’ll search for the products that comply.

Monitor trends and assess market changes. Whether it’s new colours or high-performance technology, we’re always in research, observation and validation mode. When we identify a new product that meets our standards, at the right price, it’s immediately added to our catalogue. 

Propose energy-efficient solutions. Whether it's organic toner, recycling, repackaging, or end-of-life product recall and return programs, we’re committed to our planet.

Simplify the client experience. Having the best selection of products isn’t enough. Our online shop allows you to find, order and receive what you need, directly where you want it (in-store or at a customer's location) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We want to make the process smooth and simple for you, every single time. 

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More than 800 state-of-the-art product resellers trust us, worldwide.

Fast and responsive, we believe the purchasing process should be simple, efficient and user-friendly. 

An attentive, service-oriented one-stop shop that delivers. All the time.

Together, let’s grow your business. 

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