Our Mission

Become the best partner of our resellers and retailers by helping them to promote our major brands of alternative products in order to increase and their profits.


Our Objective

To ensure success and growth for resellers by challenging the "status quo" of a market controlled by original brands, and offering the largest possible selection of alternative solutions, at fair prices, without ever compromising on quality.


Our Vision

To Dominate our industry sector in Canada and double our sales over 3 years. success


The distribution and resale in Canada of Premium Tone, Premium Ink, EcoTone, Eco Ink, Premium Tape and Intekview products will be governed by Nu-Tone & Co. Canada’s qualified partner program.

As part of this program, only qualified resellers will be able to purchase the brands mentioned from Nu-Tone & Co. Canada for resale to user customers:

Premium Tone/Premium Ink: Compatible superior quality and IP safe laser cartridge and inkjet.

EcoTone/Eco Ink: Superior quality remanufactured laser and inkjet cartridges (IP safe).

Premium Tape: Compatible superior quality and IP safe ribbon and tape.

Intekview: Ergonomic products for the office.

Objectives of the program :

  • Segment and protect qualified resellers in Canada in a given territory.
  • To increase brand awareness through promotional media, sales training and local promotional campaigns.
  • To increase the profit margins of our business partners.
  • To protect your existing customers.
  • To gain market share versus the originals.
  • Establish a standard and respect for a bargain price between 20% and 50% of the original price.


Benefits of the program :

  • Access to our personalized dropship service.
  • Access to new products first. + Access to the GOMPS program.
  • Patented product: Assurance of having a product that honors intellectual property. (IP safe)
  • Marketing program: Brochures, personalized marketing, promotional tools, HD product images.
  • Access to technical assistance via a toll-free line.
  • Access to personalized products : Identification of the merchant on the packaging.
  • Access to advanced technology sales/digital marketing tools.