Our Mission

To become your best ally in the growth of your business by establishing a lasting and profitable relationship while offering you products and customer service that meet your expectations.

— Martin Dagenais


As of February 1st, 2020, the distribution and resale in Canada of Premium Tone, Premium Ink, EcoTone, Eco Ink and Premium Tape products will be governed by Nu-Tone&Co’s qualified partner program.

As part of this program, only qualified resellers will be able to purchase the brands mentioned from Nu-Tone&Co for resale to user customers :

Premium Tone/ Premium Ink : Compatible superior quality and IP safe laser cartridge and inkjet 

EcoTone/ Eco Ink : Superior quality remanufactured laser and inkjet cartridges (IP safe) 

Premium Tape : Compatible superior quality and IP safe ribbon and tape 

Objectives of the program :

  • Segment and protect qualified resellers in Canada in a given territories.
  • To increase brand awareness through promotional media, sales training and local promotion campaigns.
  • To increase the profit margins of our business partners.
  • To protect your existing customers.
  • To gain market share versus the originals.
  • To establish a standard and compliancy as to a minimum price standard for products.
  • To help the Canadian economy, "?Together we stand for thee?".


Benefits of the program :

  • Access to our dropship service.
  • Patented product : Assurance of having a product that honors intellectual property. (IP safe)
  • Marketing program : Brochures, personalized marketing, promotional tools, HD product images.
  • Access to technical assistance via a toll-free line.
  • Access to personalized products : Identification of the merchant on the packaging.
  • 2$ goes to the Canadian Red Cross.