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Premium Tone
The superior substitute for original brand names

In business, decisions are based on reputation, reliability and return on investment. When you sell products to other people, ultimately your name and success depend on what you have to offer.

  • Is the quality consistent and guaranteed?
  • Is the product dependable?
  • Will there be enough inventory when I need it?
  • Will the delivery, logistics and service be simple and seamless?

The Premium Tone line was designed to help you purchase and sell dependable, high quality products at better prices than other brand names, without sacrificing what matters most: your name and reputation.

Generic products aren’t created equally. That’s where we come in. Through proper due diligence, we ensure you’re getting the quality you expect, so your customers enjoy the quality they want. Premium Tone supplies IP safe, quality controlled, compatible cartridges that comply with strict industry regulations.

At the end of the day, you can count on 3 things:

  • Verified products: consistent quality means less returns, less problems and happier customers.
  • Inventory: Because a great product is only useful if you can getproduce it in large quantities, whenever needed. Here, orders are fulfilled quickly and merchandise moves fast.
  • A solid reputation: going against big brand names, means having to build trust through our own name. We’ve built a strong group, with solid partnerships that believe quality compatible products are relevant and necessary in today’s market.

For every product, here’s what we guarantee:

  • Premium parts only, mostly from Japan and Korea
  • Multiple quality control points per unit
  • Final onsite inspection conducted at our factory on arrival
  • Products from ISO 9001/14 001 certified factories only
  • STMC-certified products
  • No patent infringement



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