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Exclusive supplier in Canada

It is with great pleasure that NuTone-Densi becomes the exclusive supplier of the Group CET in Canada. This partnership allows us to add more than 5,000 products to our inventory to better serve our customers. CET products are an excellent alternative to original products for parts and accessories for printers and photocopiers. They also include a full range of inks.

Who is the CET Group?

Established since 1996 in Beijing in a 270,000 square-foot facility, the CET Group manufactures approximately 5,000 compatible quality products for photocopiers and printers. The Group has received ISO and STMC certifications and its headquarters consists of a team of 600 skilled employees answering more than 1,000 customers from 100 different countries. CET now operates subsidiaries in Russia, Spain, and has its U.S. division since 2006.

The CET Group, in addition to its 20 years of experience in the industry, has many certifications: STMC, ISO, OHSAS, and others. The CET products are therefore a guarantee of quality. 


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