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The IntekView line consists of various high-quality ergonomic products at a superior price-performance ratio, allowing you to enhance your profits. We can help you ensure a good turnover of your products and above all, an optimal profit margin.

  • A range of ergonomic products that meet a growing demand
  • A higher-than-average profit margin for a cost-effective choice
  • Availability of products to ensure reliable supply and customer satisfaction
  • Experienced customer service attentive to your needs
  • Exceptional price-performance ratio and proven reliability

Intekview Monitor Stand

The IntekView monitors stand allows you to clear out your desk surface, while providing an ergonomic working position. They are designed to use with a wide variety of monitors. Full motion structure allows maximum flexibility — extends, tilt and swivel your monitor up to 90° left and right for easy viewing. The structure allows smooth, effortless rotating and positioning for any direction, making it easy to reduce glare and find the perfect viewing angle. You can also adjust the monitor vertically to a desired position.

Discover our monitor stands.

Intekview Foot Rest

This adjustable footrest elevates feet, improves circulation and allows shoulders to relax backward naturally. The easy-glide design improves circulation by allowing repositioning of legs and feet while the footrest is in use. Tilt angle slides easily to any position that is comfortable for individual users. This footrest makes an excellent addition to any office, cubicle, reception desk or to any other chair. 

Discover our foot rests.

Intekview Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain, fatigue, and other problems

Discover our keyboards.

Intekview Mouses

Advanced ergonomic mouses that combines science-driven design. Crafted for the shape of your hand. Say no to fatigue or discomfort after a day at work. 

Discover our mouses.


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