Summit Keyboard Tray (25''x10'') Left-Handed - 23'' Rails
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Summit Keyboard Tray (25''x10'') Left-Handed - 23'' Rails

Product Code: KT1035L

( Previously EINT35111LF )

The Summit Left Hand Keyboard Tray Kit
New version improved with a new Mechanism. The Summit Right-Hand Sit-to-Stand keyboard tray includes a Cobra mechanism, tray and wrist-rest. With this keyboard tray kit, with its easily adjustable height, without any knob or control lever, your keyboard and mouse will always be at an ideal height. You will assume a more ergonomic posture, and therefore avoiding physical problems such as RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) or MSD (musculoskeletal disorder). It’s size and specifications are a good fit for most workstations, and a must for a more ergonomically sound workstation.

Tilt-A-Wheel Cobra™ Original Mechanism keyboard arm
Sit, stand or work anywhere in between. The stylized Cobra™ mechanism puts the keyboard and mouse in perfect user position throughout its impressive 12½" (317mm) height adjustment range. Simply lift the keyboard into position and release, no adjustment knobs or levers are needed. The Cobra™ shines with its ability to position the keyboard closer to the edge of your work surface, closer than any other keyboard arm on the market. Convenient one hand tilt adjustments +10º / -20º, are made quick and easy simply by rotating the soft touch wheel. The sturdy box frame construction provides maximum side-to-side keyboard tray stability for a solid quality feel. With our patented designs, trays and mousing options, it is easy to assemble a keyboarding system that offers maximum flexibility and a personalized ergonomic fit.

Mechanism Specifications:
  • 12½" (318mm) total height adjustment range, 7" (178mm) up; 5½" (140mm) down 
  • Soft-touch wheel adjusts tilt with each turn (+10° / -20°) 
  • Separate control for locking independent tilt adjustment, +10° / -20° 
  • Optional positive tilt lock-out 
  • No knob, lever or ratchet handle required to set height; simply lift to desired position and release 
  • One hand wheel tilt height adjustment, no knobs, levers or ratchets required 
  • 360º rear swivel for optimal keyboard tray positioning 
  • 23'' track 
  • Rugged steel construction finished in a durable black textured powder coat

Keyboard Tray Specifications:
  • Designed for the right-handed users 
  • 25 ¼" X 10" 3/4 Platform 
  • Made of solid laminate 1/4" 
  • Almost Indestructible 
  • Mouse Carpet and Mouse guard included

Wrist-rest Features:
  • Ergosecure Foam Wrist-rest 
  • Helps wrists to remain in a neutral position. 
  • Decreases static load on upper limbs and neck during keyboard use 
  • Dimensions : 19" x 2 ½" Profile height of ½" to 7/8" 
  • Covered with Lycra