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Eco Tone
Remanufactured products that care for our world

It takes roughly 3.5 liters of oil to make one single new ink or toner cartridge. Let that sink in for a moment. Now, imagine these cartridges being thrown away. Raw materials are lost forever, and you need virgin oil to fulfill demand and keep producing the cartridges needed for various purposes around the globe.

We could say ‘don’t print’. But we all know that won’t happen anytime soon. Printing is necessary and the demand is still high. Instead, we work on finding better products, made from processes that are less harmful to the environment, and more appealing to the market that demands them.

With consumers more and more curious and concerned with the impact their purchases will have on the world around them, we can all do our part, by offering products that support the overall desire to reduce waste.

Ecotone cartridges do just that.  By reducing waste, while maintaining premium standards, our products perform, but also please eco-conscious customers.

Our toner cartridges are 100% remanufactured in Canada, by a team of qualified experts that follow non negotiable standards:

  • Products are built from empty, original brand name cartridges to ensure performance and quality of impression.
  • Every cartridge is tested to produce flawless impression.
  • Certified STMC (Standardized Test Methods Committee): global, standardized test methods are used to evaluate toner printer cartridge performance.
  • Certified CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) which delivers independent certification and qualification programs to assess products against performance and quality standards.

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