SHARP Lower Picker Finger
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SHARP Lower Picker Finger

Product Code: 8260


For : AR160, AR161, ARM208, ARM208N, ARM236, ARM237, ARM276, ARM277, ARM256L, ARM316L, ARM258, ARM318, AR235, AR275, AR200, AR201, AR205, AR206, AR207, MX-M200D, MX-M260, MX-M264N, MX-M310, MX-M314N, MX-M354N, AR-2048S, AR-2048D, AR-2048N, AR-2348D, AR-2348N, AR-2648N, AR-3148N, MX-M3558N, MX-M3158N, MX-M2658N, MX-M3158U, MX-M2658U

Type : Misc.
Category : Lower Picker Finger

  • Other parts : Yes